Fascinating Workshops

by Sakshi Thakare
332 minutes
Fascinating Workshops

Our incredible workshops:-

From Childhood, we all are crazy about watching the aeroplanes in the sky. 

I remembered when the sound of those aeroplanes touches my ears, I used to run outside to watch them. 

Every time when my eyes can’t get over them, many questions arose in my mind. 

How these planes can fly very high? 

Who made them and how it gets created? And so on.  

Flying is quite a dream hobby for many. And desirable passion too. 

To make such passions to be the realities and to answer all the questions of childhood regarding planes, 

Aero2Astro is here to giving rise to ignited minds to fly high, dream big by thinking, Innovating and exploring through the number of workshops, sessions and competition.

Aero2Astro deals with planes, drones, aircraft and many more creations. 

We are here to teach all about the Aviation, Aeromodelling and from little things to big one about every kind of task in Aeronautics. 



All these empirical aspects, Aero2Astro managed to cover in our every workshop. 

We came in presence from 2017 and it’s been nearly 2 Years we are in action we almost administered more than 12 workshops with 16,000 plus innovative minds, Which get inspired. 

Our workshops endeavors with Aeromodelling which Include planes, quadcopters, 3D printings and much more related to aeronautics.

While talking about astronautics, it includes model rocket, water rocket and space science and many more.

Some.glimse of our workshops:- 

1)Mayvi:- The Event which we had on a grand scale, it's not the competition but actually its the celebration of passion about flying high. And many more.

In such a way Aero2Astro spreading the storm of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to discover and nurture the young minds. 

For more updates follow us. 

And visit our website www.aero2astro.com.