The future of model rockets

by Aabha
14 minutes
The future of model rockets

The model rocket concept was developed in the space era as an alternative to amateur rocket activity. It is a safe and inexpensive way to learn the basics of rocket activity and flight. The first rule of model rocketry, or the conditions that define model rocketry are that no metallic airframes or dangerous propellants are to be used in its fabrication and launch. 

Model rocketry is being practiced as a hobby everywhere. Adults, kids and professionals in all age groups indulge in the activity and have fun in launching them high in the sky. 


But do you think that these model rockets can be put down for scientific use as well???

Model rockets can be primarily used to test the new systems that are to be used in large rockets or launch vehicles. They can be tested, improved and analysed on these model rockets for any potential faults and failures. 

Also, these model rockets can carry small scientific experiments that have to be done within the atmospheric range. Like sounding rockets, DIY experiments can be done by launching the payload on these low range rockets.