What is a model rocket

by Aabha
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What is a model rocket
Till now we saw the importance and the history of a model rocket. Those blogs are quite self-explanatory as to what a model rocket is. Including a concise introduction to the concept of model rockets is this blog.
Model rockets are miniature rockets, smaller in size and power when compared to the bigger commercial rockets and space vehicles launched by space agencies worldwide. In the 20th century, these were developed and introduced in the market solely for hobby purposes, although a costly one, both financially, and in terms of risk to life and property. Still, people of all ages and professions indulge in this kind of rocketry, through which they can also learn the basic concepts of propulsion, and thrust. 
Body tubes of paper

These rockets are made up of wood, paper, Styrofoam and all other types of lightweight materials, except heavyweight metals. Their propulsion system usually consists of solid rocket motors (SRM), which are less in power than the liquid propulsion system. A recovery system is used in the rocket for safe recovery, and sometimes an avionics system is integrated for scientific purposes. The firing of these models should always be done on open grounds within the rules and regulations specified.

Nose cones of wood

These models reach lower altitudes, generally 300-400 feet, which is why they use a recovery system. The rockets can be single, dual or even multi-staged, through which they can attain higher altitudes. The motors used in the rockets classify them into low power rockets or high power rockets. High power rockets, as the name suggests, are more powerful and attain greater heights, and thus are to be handled more carefully than low power rockets.