Aero2astro research platform's motive is to become the first Indian private organization to become a aerospace manufacturer and have a private Rocket launch platform. This is being developed and it would be soon under function.Our main objective is to make a launch vehicle under the following five stages . We bring a team of innovators and enthusiasts and help them giving a platform to work and learn on building and launching. These five stages helps us in understanding concepts and principles behind each stages giving a complete sketch on building and launching.

  • Model Rocket In this stage we develop a model Rocket where it could reach a maximum altitude of 1km to 1.5km range weighing about 400-500gms.
  • High powered rocket In this stage we develop a Rocket where it could reach an altitude of 10km to 15km.
  • Experimental Rocket In this stage we develop a rocket which is capable of reaching the maximum altitude through the research and learning made through the previous stages.
  • Sounding rocket In this stage we develop a rocket that has capability to each space.
  • Launch vehicle
In this stage we use the principles and build a launch vehicle with the payload as light weight satellites which will be launched from our only private launch base. We have achieved a series of success in propulsion tests conducted by our RnD team. Soon we would be be coming up with this project to be recognized nationally.

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