AERO2ASTRO. India’s Research & Development organization.It is launched from the idea that Aeronautical / Aerospace industry in India do not have much private Research & Development organization on Aeronautics and Astronautics. This had a great impact towards the less job opportunity for an aeronautical/aerospace engineers in the core industry. Thus it killed the dreams of many people who wants to become engineers / scientist in this field. As time passed we had no solution so this paved the way for the launch of this idea. Nowadays in other countries they have emerged with many private organization for their space mission or in the advancements of UAV application.

Supported by the fact that more and more people are interested in working with aerospace industry, we have created a platform for everyone to come together and work with us. AERO2ASTRO combines students / professionals belonging to any background to be part of our Research & Development team. AERO2ASTRO is the platform which was started by students and has wide number of students. Having young minds with us we try building creative and innovative solution which brings huge change in the future of this industry. With its advanced system of planning for the current and the future generations implanted we work for the betterment of the humanity and the future of this world with our services and products. We made ourselves anyone approachable so a friendly and united missions can be designed. AERO2ASTRO believes the motto Think Innovate Explore As we are the part of the future we wanted to create a platform for the young minds through the possible ways. Eventually this created the various divisons which emerged are as follows:

Research and Development

It is one of major wing under aero2astro, in this we focus towards the research on UAV technology and space technology which can serve the humanity of the world and our country.

Innovation Labz

Our innovation labz is one wing under aero2astro, the main aim of this to create a platform for everyone to bring there ideas to real, by the way of conducting various Workshops, Competition, Training program, enineering projects etc.

One Stop Hobby Needs

This wing of aero2astro is an electronics store which came with an intension of providing everyone with there electronics, materials needs to bring there ideas to real with there innovation.




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About Aero2Astro

Aero2Astro is an Research & Educational based start-up by students. Established in 2017 it is situated at HTBI & HEIC,Hindustan University, Chennai. A team of innovators and enthusiasts came together with an intention of developing and bringing new ideas that would revolutionize the field of aeronautics and astronautics. Our team are of 12 passionate members and we are working towards the future technology using our creativity and innovation as fuel to bring wide application of uav’s into action and to work on space missions to serve the humanity and bring changes to our world.