Team Structure

Core Team

Members of this team form the executive body of the company. They are responsible for all the executive operations of Aero2Astro. All members of the Core Team are full time employees of Aero2Astro.

Ancillary Team

The members from the Anciliarry team or as we love to call, the "A-team" form the majority of the company. The "A-team" is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Aero2Astro. All members of the "A-team" are part time employees of Aero2Astro.

Our Team

Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission. This is Aero2Astro's team who put miracles at work and transform dreams into reality.

Ted Solomon
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Harish Kumar
UAV Engineer
Mouli Shourya
Head of Technology & Chief UAV Test Pilot
Manikanta Kattikala
Finance Offier & UAV Engineer
Goutham Emani
UAV Engineer
Manivannan G
UAV Test Pilot & Instructor
Leonard Selvaraja
UAV Test Pilot, Instructor & Web Developer
Aabha Awere
Rocket Engineer & Content Editor