Aero2astro team is working on a project FLYALOT DRONEAID to bring out a UAV which brings aid to the soldiers at our borders and war zones who are affected by climatic changes ,get wounded and lie unconscious. It can also be used for civilians during disaster zones where victims are struck in debris of buildings, this technology helps in identifying the victims and provide their data regarding physical health conditions to the rescue teams, this is necessary since Rescue teams get only alert regarding the disaster but they have no clue what is the status and condition of the victims. Our technology provides the exact location of the victim and medical status of the victim such that the rescue team will get an idea about the injured victims and the necessary kits and resource to be taken for the operation.

Main intention of this UAV:

• To save the lives of soldiers at borders and war zones.
• For survilance/Reconnaissance,delivery system etc.
• It can be used for personal purpose in case of medical emergency.
• To reduce the wastage of time for the act of emergency.

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