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Isn't outer-space always hard to get to?

Space research is considerably hard, but reaching space shouldn't be the hardest part of your research. Introducing Vaihaasa - Simple, Quick & Affordable launch vehicle. We are reinventing how your research reaches space, we do all the hard parts, so that you can concentrate more on your research.



Aero2Astro is an Research & Educational based start-up by students. Established in 2017 it is situated at HTBI & HEIC,Hindustan University, Chennai. A team of innovators and enthusiasts came together with an intention of developing and bringing new ideas that would revolutionize the field of aeronautics and astronautics.



to build user friendly access to space exploration technologies and solutions for all


our mission is to make simpler, affortable ,reliable,anytime anywhere,resuable launch solutions to explore space


credtiablity, intergrity, responsibility


February 20, 2020

Aerodynamic of a rocket

talks about the aerodynamics of rockets

February 18, 2020

propulsion of a model rocket

the propulstion of a model rocket and solid rocket motors explained

february 14, 2020

facinating workers

workshops!!! fun for all

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