• Misson space
    Aero2astro research platform's motive is to become the
    first Indian private organization to become a aerospace manufacturer and have
    a private Rocket launch platform.
  • Misson UAV
    Aero2astro team is working on a project FLYALOT DRONEAID to
    bring out a UAV which brings aid to the soldiers at our borders and war zones who
    are affected by climatic changes, get wounded and lie unconscious.
  • Aviation for all
    Team Aero2Astro is on a mission to inspire the youth of our nation to develop
    a sense of "air-mindedness", by conducting workshops, events etc., which can lead them into spectacular careers
    and most importantly, to teach them the love of flying!

About Aero2Astro


employing the passionate to inspire.

We are Indiaโ€™s first organization which offers a career option for Research & Development in aeronautical and aerospace platform along with scholastic application with regard to aeromodelling and spacemodelling and Radio Controller hobby needs.

What are we innovating

The idea of "aviation" should be graspable by all.

For decades the concept of Aviation, Space Travel and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been an exclusive sport, not available to all. Our primary mission is to change that, with India leading the global aviation sector, it is time we realize "the next big thing" as how we invision our future.

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